In Memory of My Mother

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the day my Mom passed away. She was born Betty Irene Aldridge in Toronto on December 13, 1927 to George Edward Aldridge and Elizabeth Curry (Thrasher) Aldridge. She and her brother James Aldridge were raised in the West end of the city, where she graduated from Runnymede Collegiate. After graduation my Mom worked in banking, and the Children’s Aid Society. On July 11, 1953, she married my Dad, James Hicks.

She left the work force to become a full-time mother. While still in her early thirties, Mom become very ill with rheumatroid arthritis. As her condition worsened, she became confined to a wheelchair. She spent the last thirty years of her life in constant pain, yet did more for other people than anyone. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that my Dad was a true hero, as he looked after her until the day she died.

My Mom was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother and friend, and she is missed greatly.

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