Custom Rosaries

Choose from Catholic, Anglican, or Decade Rosaries. Prices vary based on beads used.

Anglicans and other Protestants also use prayer beads to assist their meditations on and with God. The Anglican rosary, also known as Anglican/Episcopalian prayer beads, has elements of the Orthodox and Catholic traditions. It has thirty-three beads, which represent Jesus’ thirty-three years on Earth. There are four sets of seven “weeks,” recalling the Jewish and Christian belief in the perfection of the number seven; there are also the seven days of Creation, the seven days of the week, the seven seasons of the church year, and the seven sacraments of the church. Four slightly larger or different colored beads called “cruciforms” separate these four weeks; equally spaced in the circle of the rosary, they form a cross and remind us of four seasons and four directions of the compass. Attached to the last cruciform is an “invitatory,” from which hangs a cross. As prayer starts at the cross, the invitatory “invites” us to pray along the remaining 32 beads. Moving to the right, three times round the rosary brings us to ninety-nine, the complete number of the Divine Names in Middle Eastern traditions; adding the cross at the beginning or end brings us to one hundred, which is the total of the Orthodox rosary, in addition to representing the fullness of creation. Click to learn how to pray the Anglican Rosary


Anglican Rosary: White week beads, larger black invitatory and cruciform beads, silver-coloured crucifix and spacer beads.   $35.00