Virtual Organizing

I now offer VIRTUAL HOME ORGANIZING SERVICES, which allow you to work with me regardless of your geographic location. This method also works well for those who like to work alone, but who need the guidance of a professional. It’s also economical – the fee for each room or space is only $500, much less than the equivalent number of hours spent in person with a professional organizer!

Here’s how it works:

1. Register by emailing

As part of this process you will complete a questionnaire that will identify your main concerns and goals for the space. Submit a 50% deposit of $250.
2. Once you are registered, send an email with as much detail as possible… photos, floor plans… show every area of the room.

3. Make your final payment ($250) within 7 days. You will then receive an action plan which includes a step-by-step decluttering, reorganizing and maintenance plan for the space.

4. Follow-up: You will receive unlimited email follow-up for the period of 1 year. I will also be available to you by phone.

Click here to make your deposit or final payment by credit card


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