Old Testament vs New Testament

There are many parallels between the two. Here are just a few:

OT. Exodus 3:14 The “I AM” is God
NT. John 8:58 Jesus is the “I AM”

OT. Isaiah 43:15 The “HOLY ONE” is God
NT. Acts 3:14 Jesus is the “HOLY ONE”

OT. Isaiah 45:21 The “ONE SAVIOR” is God
NT. Acts 4:12 Jesus is the “ONE SAVIOR”

OT. Isaiah 44:6 The “KING OF ISRAEL” is God
NT. John 1:49 Jesus is “KING OF ISRAEL”

OT. Genesis. 1:1 The “ONE CREATOR” is God
NT. John 1: 3-10 Jesus is the “ONE CREATOR”

OT. Isaiah 40:11 The “ONE SHEPHERD” is God
NT. John 10:16 Jesus is the “ONE SHEPHERD”

OT. Isaiah 41:14 The “ONE REDEEMER” is God
NT. Luke 1:68 Jesus is the “ONE REDEEMER”

OT. Deuteronomy 10:17 The “LORD OF LORDS” is God
NT. Revelation 19:16 Jesus is “LORD OF LORDS”

OT. Isaiah 44:6 The “FIRST AND THE LAST” is God
NT. Revelation 22:13 Jesus is the “FIRST AND THE LAST”

OT. Isaiah 45:23 “EVERY KNEE MUST BOW” to God
NT. Philippians 2:10 “EVERY KNEE MUST BOW” to Jesus

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