The Advent Christ Candle

The four weeks have passed. It is Christmas Eve and Christ’s presence is imminent. All of the candles burn as our reminder that there is One Great Light who will make himself known.

On Christmas Eve or Christmas day, Many people include a Christ candle on their wreath. The Christ Candle is white and would reside at the center of the Advent wreath. Many families like to decorate the Christ candle on Christmas Eve in anticipatory celebration of His coming.

After the season, when everything else has been wrapped up for next year, the Christ Candle should continue to be utilized. Bring it out for special moments, for we know that whenever two or more are gathered in His name, there He is. Light this candle in remembrance throughout the year

Tidbit: In medieval times Christ was customarily represented by a burning candle in the center of a laurel wreath and kept burning throughout the Holy Night and each night thereafter during the holy season. The tradition has been carried on over time and in many forms around the world.

We pray that your Advent season is filled with hope and blessed by His love!The

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