Start Your Day With God

As you start waking up, thank God before you open your eyes (quietly if you do not want to wake up your spouse!).  Think of at least ten things to genuinely thank God for.  Do not just repeat the same things every day!

Pray a prayer of dedication and surrender to God.

Ask God to guide you today to do whatever it is He wants from your life today.  Let Him know you surrender your time, energy, money, and your whole self to Him today to be used for His glory and to bring Him pleasure.  If He shows you anyone you must forgive, repent of unforgiveness before God.  Then forgive that person and pray good things for them. Ask Him to guide you to the people He wants to touch this day and to give you the words and actions that express His love best. (45 seconds).

Pray for anyone or any need that God has laid on your heart (briefly).

When you pray, do so with faith and thanksgiving, expecting God to bring a good result in response to your prayer.  He loves you as a divine Father and He cares about your requests.  Leave any requests with the Lord joyfully expecting a good result from His hand.


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