The Ground is Level at the Foot of the Cross


For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;


Which sin is the worst in God’s eyes? Does He hate one particular sin more than the others?

The truth is, some sins actually are worse than others. It is wrong and sinful to hate someone, but it’s worse to do something to hurt them. And it’s even worse to kill them.

It’s wrong to pilfer office supplies from work, but it’s worse to steal from a person’s home.

It’s wrong to lie about friends or family, but even worse when the lies are vicious and cause lasting damage.

If all sin is bad, but some is worse, are the lighter sins more easily forgiven by God? No — Jesus died for all sin, and even though not all sin is the  same, all forgiveness is.

All sinners are also the same in God’s eyes. No one is too bad to be forgiven!

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