Can a Christian Family Enjoy Hallowe’en?

Next Wednesday is Hallowe’en and children everywhere are excited. the word “Hallowe’en” comes from “All Hallow’s Evening,” the evening before All Saint’s Day on November 1 and All Soul’s Day on November 2.

The feast of All Hallows’, can be traced to Pope Gregory III’s founding of an oratory in St Peter’s for the relics of the holy apostles and of all saints, martyrs and confessors.  In 835, All Hallows’ Day was officially switched to 1 November.  On All Hallows’ Eve, Christians in some parts of the world visit cemeteries to pray at the graves of their loved ones.By the end of the 12th century they had become holy days of obligation across Europe and involved such traditions as ringing church bells for the souls in purgatory.

So, can Christians participate in Hallowe’en festivities? Of course! It might be a bad idea to allow your child to dress up as a devil, and certain cult classic slasher film characters might be in bad taste. But there certainly can’t be any harm in allowing your child to dress as a Disney princess or superhero.

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