Hiding Sins Won’t Make Them Go Away

You hear it all the time: “No one will know”… “No one will get hurt so it’s okay”… “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”…

But God knows, and yes, it CAN hurt you.

Picture yourself pouring a glass of milk — pure, white, ice cold, and fresh from the carton so you know it’s free from contaminants. Now, imagine a fly gets into that milk. The fly has been on animal waste outside, and has now transfer bacteria into your milk.

A fly floating on the surface of the milk is the most disgusting thing you can imagine, so you get a spoon and remove the fly. The milk looks the same as it did when you first poured it, but the bacteria from the fly remains. Anyone looking at that glass of milk will still see it as clean and fresh, but you will know that it has been contaminated.

It’s the same with God and your sin. You can hide it from the world, and maybe even from yourself, but once you are contaminated with sin only the blood of Jesus can restore you to your original pure white state.

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